Question: When I copy a cd-audio, on the copied cd, the ISRC-codes read from my reader are different from the ones read by my cd-writer!
For example:
Original cd (read by the Teac cd-532s and by the Teac cd-r56s, the ISRC-codes are read ok):
TRACK 01 ISRC ITD009900029
TRACK 02 ISRC ITD009900030
TRACK 03 ISRC ITD009900031
TRACK 04 ISRC ITD009900032
TRACK 05 ISRC ITD009900033

Copied cd (read by the Teac cd-r56s, according to it, the ISRC-codes are read identical to the original ones)
TRACK 01 ISRC ITD009900029
TRACK 02 ISRC ITD009900030
TRACK 03 ISRC ITD009900031
TRACK 04 ISRC ITD009900032
TRACK 05 ISRC ITD009900033

Copied cd (read by the Teac cd-532s, according to it, the ISRC codes of the track n.4 is different from the original ones!!!)
TRACK 01 ISRC ITD009900029
TRACK 02 ISRC ITD009900030
TRACK 03 ISRC ITD009900031
TRACK 04 ISRC TCJAA1942451 (!!!)
TRACK 05 ISRC ITD009900033
Answer: We have forwared this question to TEAC. The Answer from TEAC:
This is not a problem on CDR56S - CDR56S comply with Orange Book Part2 Ver3.1, but CD532S does not because it developed before the standard was finalized. According to this standard, CDR56S must record RID (Recorder IDentification code) automatically. Since both RID and ISRC are recorded with Sub-code Q channel mode 3, CD532S can not distinguish the data; however, CDR56S can distinguish the data because it is checking C1 and C2 bit on Sub-code Q channel mode 3. The mode 3 data will be RID if C1 and C2 bits are 1 and 1, but it will be ISRC if C1 and C2 bits are 0 and 0.
On the other hand, CDR55S does not comply with Orange Book Part2 Ver3.1. This mean CDR55S does not record RID, therefore, CD532S did not have any problem to read ISRC because there are not RID data on the media recorded by CDR55S.
The first 3 digits on RID are assigned for Manufacturer Code, the next 4 digits are for Type Code, and the last 5 digits are for Recorder Unique Number. Our Manufacturer Code is "TCJ". That's why the customer is seeing some ISRC as "TCJAA1942451".

In respect to this information, there seems to be no chance to read the correct ISRC-Codes from CDs burned wth e.g. a TEAC 56 (or any other recorder comply with Orange Book Part2 Ver 3.1) with any "old" CD-ROM.
Question: Is it possible to implement the MS-Audio / VQF format into Feurio! for on-the-fly burning?
Answer: MS-Audio: The software codec provided by Microsoft just support decoding at SINGLE speed, so you can only burn at single speed, but most writers don't have a constant data flux even at this speed, so it s trash. Also the German magacine C't has found out that it isn't even as good as mp3, so forget about it now.
VQF: There are no known free codecs, if you know one, tell us and we'll implement them.
Question: I've got multiple files which should be one track on the CD. By linking, they are one track without pauses but they have got multiple numbers. How can I change this ?
Answer: Feurio! can't do so. For Feurio!, one wav.-file is one track. Anything else would be too complicated.
Solution: Use a normal .wav File editor to make one file out of the tracks and get this file into the Feurio! project.
Question: I want to delete a noise with the track editor. How can I do so ?
Answer: You can't. The Feurio! editor is no fully functioning editor, it's just a tool for for leveling, fade-in and fade-out, starting and end positon. This trackeditor doesn't change the files, it just tells the starting position and so on to the real burning prog.
This concept has a lot of advantages: Fast working, fast undo, no saving, but you can't edit the data. This would be too complicated and would cause enormous work. Look out for real editors like CoolEdit to change your .wav-files.
I also want to say that I don't think I should make Feurio! too big a program, it would be too expensive and nobody uses all the functions. Most real wav.-file editors are even bigger and more expensive than Feurio!
Is there going to be a CD-Text update for my recorder? Is Feurio! going to support this?
Question: I've got a xyz recorder. Will there be a firmware update for CD-text?
Answer: Only the manufacturer knows. Ask him direct. Some of them tell us before or provide betas, but we are not allowed to tell this until its official. So we can't tell you more than the official homepage of the manufacturer.
Question: Will Feurio! support the update?
Answer: It's up to the manufacturer. We want to do so, but some make it real hard for us. If we get betas, you can get new drivers by the official release of the new firmware or you don't have to update the drivers because when reading the new firmware number, Feurio! knows if cd-text is supported. If the manufacturers don't want to work with us, it could take more time or if they use non-standard code, it can be impossible.
I want to use track at once instead of DAO, is it possible ?
Question: I want to burn one track on a CD and later another and so on (e.g. sampler). Is this possible?
Answer: You can't do with Feurio! Because: Feurio! uses Dao. (Feurio! only uses TAO if the recorder doesn't support Dao) The whole CD has to be recorded at once without any delay.
We decided to NOT support TAO cause cou can’t produce perfect CDs with TA:
bulletErrors between the tracks:
Normally a CD has all the data in one row. By using TAO, there are gaps because the laser beam pauses between the tracks. So some blocks are samcked up and defect (normally 2 seconds). Some discman with anti-shock protection read ahead and hang up reaching those tracks.
bulletNo linked tracks:
There are always gaps between the tracks at tao, if you have live concerts, you hear the gap and it clicks not that nice if you hear the voice and then a two second gap before the next word!
bulletProblems with the capacity:
The gap between the tracks can't be calculated exactly, if we go to extrems, perhaps one tracks can't be on the Cd because of the gaps.
bulletProblems with different TAO lengths.
You can’t change the Index0 gaps to any value you like. Some recorders only support 2 secondes, other recorders supports various range of index 0 gaps.
bulletNo Index 0 music
You can't hide music in the Index 0 section of the CD.

That's why Feurio! doesn't support TAO.
Recorders which don't support DAO use TAO, but you can't use the particular advantages of TAO.
The TAO method would require a total different program. For example you don't need the Manager and the burning prog. You don't have to seperate them.

I want to print multiple copies of a cover but I can't check the box. Why?
Question: I want to print multiple copies of a cover, but I can't change the "Number of copies" box. Why? can't you change?
Answer: The printing dialogue is from your printer driver, only a new driver can change.We don't know any solution to activate the box from Feurio! for a manual change. We thought about a dialogue before the printing dialogue which activates the printing dialogue several times, but we thought it wolud be to scary to have 2 dialogues all the time for a normal user.-)
Can I decode / burn mp2 files with Feurio?
Question: I've got some mp2 files, can i burn them with Feurio?
Answer: Feurio! knows mp2 and can deal with it. But I don't have a codec to decode those files. All mp3 codecs just work with mp3 but none supports mp2. If you find a codec tell us. It should be possible to implement it theoratically.....
Remark: We always get mails like "But xyz- supports mp2" This doesn't help. Those progs have internal routines to decode. Feurio! can't use them. We need a codec which registrates at the windows sound system. Or a codec which has documentation and open interfaces. (Command line interface isn't enough)
Why doesn't my CDRom reach it's max velocity according to the device test?
Question: The device test says my CDRom works at 12 x. But now reading audio, the speed is slower. Why?
Answer: The reading speed is very much related to the positon of the data. The inner part is read more slowly than the outer parts. If the diference it with the same Cd at the same position, your HD might be to slow the data has not just to be read but also to be written.

Hint: Check out Program -> program parameters and the buffer setting. Look out for the display of the buffer. If ist full at reading most of the time, your HD might be to slow or you have to change the buffer settings.
Note: If your CDRom and your HD are both IDE and work at the same channel, a problem with the bus occurs. It isn't possible to use multitasking . A command has to be finished until a new command can go to the next device. Even if the CDRom looks for the data and doesn't tranfer data, the bus is blocked.HD and Cdrom block each other try different IDE channels.

Hint for Windows 95/98 and SCSI-CD-ROM:
Win 95 and 98 often use CDROMs in a slow mode. So  they block the SCSI bus longer than they should.
Try this:
Start the Device manager, choose CDROMs, choose settings, activate seperation DMA and synchro data transfer.
How can I avoid having the CDR ejected after each simulation?
Question: I realized that Feurio! ejects the CDR after the simulation. How can I prevent?
Answer: Normally, Feurio! doesn't eject the CDR after the simulation. But some writers think, the CD is full of data after the simulation so Feurio! has to eject the CD to make the writer think the CDR is still empty!
Why isn't my CDROM detected?
Question: When starting Feurio, Feurio! doesn't know my IDE-Devices, it is just showing the SCSI-devices!
Answer: For sure Feurio! works with IDE-devices, but it needs an ASPI-driver.The drivers provided with Win98/95 don't work sometimes, so check out for a new ASPI-driver (see link-page).
WinNT can use a special mode "DeviceIOControl" to use all drives which are supported by WinNT
Why does the cover editor just print the tiles but not the artists?
Question: I've made a sampler and filled out track and artist for each track.Why doesn't the editor print the artist?
Answer: Just check the box "Sampler" in the CD-editor or the CD-view!
How do I have to set Feurios buffers?
Question: How do I have to set the buffers for Feurio?
Answer: There are many answers, so just a few suggestions. The more buffer, the more stable is the wirte-process, but there is less memory available for other applications. Just try. Do one or two simulations and look at the buffer. But in general: The faster your device burns, the more buffer your need.
When will it be possible to burn MP3 CDs?
Question: I think there will be CD-players for MP3 CDs in the near future. When is Feurio! going to be ready for burning those CDs?
Answer: First I've got to know the filesystem and the specifications of those systems, only then I can start to program a particular version.
How can I get rid of the 2 second index 0 gap before the first track?
Question: I can edit the Index0-silence lenght in general but it doesn't seem to work with the first track, why?
Answer: You can't! EVERY Red Book standard audio CD must have a two second gap before the first track according to the standard. But all the audio players start at 00:02:00 so it doesn't mind. Without this gap, the CD would certainly be only a coaster. This is also the reason why the whole project is always two seconds longer then the added length of the tracks itself.
Why doesn't the CDDB online database work!
Question: The CDDB database doesn't seem to work, please tell me why.
There is always the problem: " Error connecting"
Answer: First of all, you should try another server, perhaps your server is offline. Go to CDDB-database, choose CDDB-Onlinedatabase and click at site-list. Choose another server. If that doesn't work, you might have a problem with your provider. Your Proxy-sever might be the problem or a firewall.
Where can I download the latest CDDB database?
Question: My version of the CDDB-database is rather old. Where can I get a new one?
Answer: Nowhere! Since November 97 the authors do not provide them any longer. If you want to complain, mail to the authors (http://www.cddb.com).
I've bought the Feurio! CD. Where is the CDDB database file?
Question: I've bought Feurio! on Cd. Isn't it possible to copy the database to the Cds in order to save online time?
Answer: I'd like to do so, but due to copyright reasons, I just can't do it.
The MP3s playtime in the harddisk card is wrong!
Question: The mp3s playtime is wrong if the files aren't recorded at 128 kBit/sec!
Answer: Just activate the box "Show full mp3 info" in the "harddisk" menu. Then everything will be fine althought it takes more time to built up the filestructure!
Background: Feurio must know the bitrate to calculate the playtime of an mp3 file. If the box "Show Full mp3 info" is disabled, Feurio! doesn't know the bitrate and calculates its lengths by 128 kBit/sec. If enabled, Feurio! can calculate the time without any doubt.
How can I get the same audio level for multiple tracks?
Question: I've got different tracks from different sources in one project. How can I get the same level for all tracks ?
Answer: There are two ways:

1) Automatic leveling by Feurio!
Got to the Trackeditor, choose "extras" and got to "Regulate (whole project)"
This has got certain limitations so look at the Help file.

2) Manual leveling.
Just look out for a loud passage within the track, and set an emphasis in the trackeditor or waveplayer. The passage should just be emphasized enough to reach a red level in the bar.
I often get messages that "Nothing happens when doing the leveling", but don't be afraid. The .wav-files aren't changed, it works on the fly while burning for some reasons:
bulletThere are no floatingpoint problems at rounding the levels.
bulletYour can undo each operation
bulletIt takes time to create a new 40 MB .wav-file
bulletYou can hear the change immediately and without delay
bulletIt works with mp3-files without having to encode those again
Why doesn't Feurio! make 1:1 copies?
Question: I copied a CD with Feurio! There is always an offset within the copy. When is this problem going to be solved ?
Answer: This is not a problem of Feurio!, its a problem of Audio Cds. Audio Cds have got no Sector indices to konw where exact the data is stored. All data is in a long chain. In this chain, there are subchannels encoded. One of this subchannels contains a time mark, but it varies by 1/75 sec. This subchannel is used for the time LED of your audio player.When reading one of those Cds, a CDr has to interpret the subchannel, because there are no real sectors. That's the Problem. Cheap CDROMs read just the first data the subchannel fits into, this is how the jitter errors occur. At different read access, the CDROM provides different data.Good CDROMs have a jitter correction which looks where the subchannelblock ends and always provides the same data.. Those corrections vary due to different firmware releases from CDROM to CDROM, there is always a different offset. And Writers also create different subchannel data, so it is also important which writer has burned the CD. If the CDROM provides the real data, Feurio! creates a 1:1 copy.. Normally, this doesn't work but the offset is under 1/75 sec, so nobody can hear it. It the Jitter correction doesn't work, you can use a special function of Feurio! Got to program parameters, device parameters, special parameters and give an offset to each sector. Feurio adds this offset to each sector. By finding out the exact offset of your drive, you can correct the CDROMs errors. At this time it is just possible to correct by hand, but I am working at a function to calibrate the CD-roms by reading a burned Test-Cd-R
Where can I get a MP3 codec?
Question: Feurio! says I need a mp3 codec to play / burn mp3 files. Where the hell do I get it ?
Answer: There are two Ways:

1) Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 4.0:
Install the IE 4.0 with the Full installation option. Installing the netplayer, the codec is also installed. You can remove the other components afterwards in the system panel.

2) Audioactive Production Studio.
The trial-version of the audioactiv production studio will install an mp3-Codec in your system.
Simply download the trial-version at "http://www.audioactive.com/download/" and install it!
(IMPORTAND: Do REALLY download the "production studio" and NOT the mp3-player or mp3-decoder)
Why doesn't Feurio! work with the xyz encoder?
Question: The Fraunhofer codec takes up a long time, why doesn't Feurio work with the xyz codec?
Answer: There is a special interface in Windows, Feurio works with all codecs which support the standard of this interface. But some programs don't fit into this standard, so it's not Feurio which needs to be changed but the codecs. So complain to the codecs programmers! But time isn't everything at converting mp3, the more time it takes, the better is the quality. I personally prefer to wait twice as long and have a better quality.
The cover is too small / large!
Question: The cover, inlay or label are to small / large, can you change it ?
Answer: Do it yourself! Go to the covereditor choose "File" and "resizing cover" and fill in the right measures!
Feurio! doesn't know my recorder (especially IDE devices)!
Question: My writer isn't detected by Feurio!
Answer: There are 2 possible ways to solve this problem:

1) The writer is disabled.
Feurio can disable devices. Because some CDROM don't report correct as CDROM devices to the system they could be a Cdwriter, you know... Feurio disables those devices.
To enable such a writer, to the following:
bulletStart the Feurio! Writer Got to Program -> Device Listing (If you don't find the writer, check out 2)
bulletChoose the writer, go to "device info"
bulletCheck out the box "Use this device as writer"
bulletChoose the driver in the opening box, normally you can accept the suggested driver.

2) The writer isn't recognized by the ASPI-drivers of your system
If your ASPI-drivers is old, check out for a new ASPI version also if it's IDE, make an update of your ASPI driver.
If the Writer isn't installed at all, check out the whole installation for the hostadaptor or the channels for the IDE drives Check out the SCSI Ids

Renew the CDDB database check of a particular CD?
Question: I can't find a particular Cd in the CDDB database. If I put the Cd again into the drive, it isn't requested again. Is this an error?
Answer: No. Renewing the check for a CD makes up a lot of Internet-travel which isn't necessary. So a CD is locked for some days. Your can change this time for locking at the menu: CDDB database, CDDB onlinedatabase "Request for unknown CDs after xx days". Just fill in 0 for immediate request.
Is there any possibilty to get a project which has crashed into the database?
Question: Will there be any possibility to get crashed projects into the database. I had some crashes due to overburning and so the Cd isn't written into the database and I have to fill in the data again.
Answer: This option is provided. Go to CD-Manager, put in the CD, choose the project, click the button "Assign" in the project-TOC. This button assigns the project to the CD and into the database.
Since I installed Feurio! xyz program doesn't seem to work any longer ! What the hell did Feurio! install?
Question: My xyz doesn't work any longer since I installed Feurio! What f... did it install?
Answer: Feurio doesn't install any drivers, system enhancements, systemdata or anything else. Just the Microsoft Visual C Runtime databases are installed - after request! No data in the system directory is changed. There MUST be a different reason for this malfunction. Think about a driver being loaded only after booting again when installed! Look carefully at your driver config.
Does Feurio! work with other burning programs?
Question: I want to install different programs for burning. Does Feurio work with them?
Answer: See one up. Feurio doesn't install any drivers so it should work with most programs.
But not every program is that nice. Some install drivers which prevent Feurio from working. If a program installs drivers and the system doesn't work properly thereafter, deinstall the drivers by going to windows/iosubsys and reinstall the ASPI driver from the CD

Some examples:
Nero: It works nice. Nero installs a driver for disabling auto-insert-notification and for temp-data: NEROCD95.VXD, if it causes any problems, just deinstall the driver.
Win On CD:
Caused a lot of problems, which should be solved. Download the latest driver or rename the c2 XXXXX.vxd drivers in windows/system/iosubsys/. WinOn CD works without those drivers if a correct ASPI is installed. Reinstall the ASPI driver after installing WinOnCD
Packet-Writing Programs: Argh! Cause a lot of problems because of locking the device, always looking for new data,.... Just shutdown this program, deintsall or exclude your devices from those packet-writing programs.
While reading CDs I constantly get error messages
Question: When I try to read a track, an error message pops up!
Answer: Different cases should can cause this problem:
  1. Reading doesn't work at all. (directly after starting the operation).
    The device isn't configured correctly. Check out Programm paramters and set new read settings.
  2. Reading works, but indices or creating an image doesn't work.
    The index information isn't configured properly, many IDE CDROMs can't read them. Got to Programm, program parameters, special parameters. Change Subchannel data (index) read more in the Help file.
  3. Reading works in general, but there are messages like track smaller 4 secs copying a Cd I get Error reading index information.
    The reading of indexinformation isn't properly setted. Got to Programm, program parametrs, special parameters. Change Subchannel data (BCD) read more in the Help file.
  4. The data contains cracking noise or error occur without scheme!
    Many CDROMs cant read Audio data properly. But other problems can cause this effect:
    bulletWrong terminated SCSI-bus
    bulletToo many devices in the bus, too long wire
    bulletOld ISA-SCSI hostadaptor
    bulletIDE-CDROM: No busmaster driver
    bulletIDE-CDROM: DMA mode doesn't work
    bulletIDE-CDROM: Wrong Master-Slave configuration
    bulletOld ASPI drivers
    bulletDrivers of other burning programs
    bulletPacket CD, Direct Cd or other packet writing programs
    bulletScratched CD or dirty CD
The cover editor doesn't print the labels
Question: I created a cover and a label, but feurio doesn't print the label.
Question: The Covereditor crases after I wanted to print a label inlay!
Answer: This isn't the fault of Feurio! Your printer driver doesn't support round clipping. The Bmp of the label is round, so there are just two ways to solve this problem:
  1. Get a new driver for your printer
  2. Deactivate round clipping by checking out Measurements in the file menu of the covereditor. Choose label got to mask print on label area. Disable. Now the label is printed with a square, this should work on most printers, but the text can be slightly larger than the label!
Why can't my xyz player play Feurio!s CDs?
Question: I have burned a Cd with Feurio, but it's a coaster to my audio player! My CDROM can read the CD though!
Answer: This is not an error of Feurio!
Burned Cdrs haven't got the physical appearance of normal CDs, the reflexion is different. If your player is older, or the lens is dirty, normal CDs might work, but CDRs don't. But also writing speed and the layer of the CDr are very important. Sorry, but you have to try. 80 Minute CDRs often don't work at all. I once got a mail saying: But my writer should work best with those CDrs, according to the manufacturer! It might burn best, but if it reads best in your audio player......
Why doesn't my TEAC 55 show the CDRs manufacturer nor the recorders buffer?
Question: I've got two writers, a xyz and a TEAC 55. The xyz shows the CDrs manufacturer but the Teac doesn't. Why ?
Answer: The Teac 55 isn't able to read the Cdr Id, a code is written onto the CDr which contains some information about the CDr.
Question: I've got an xyz writer and a TEAC 55 Why doesn't the TEAC show the buffer while recording like the xyz writer?
Answer: The Teac 55 isn't able to provide the buffer data.
How can I copy multiple tracks at once?
Question: I want to copy multiple tracks at once, e.g. track 1,6,7, 11. How can I do this?
Answer: Just like in EVERY Windows program you can use the control bar to select different tracks and copy them by cut and paste or drag and drop. Copying multiple tracks which are from 1-5 or 4-8 e.g. select the first tile, press the shift bar, select the last title copy copy them by clicking with the mouse
Is there a printed documentation for Feurio?
Question: I'd like to have a written documentation for Feurio!. Where can I get it ?
Answer: There is none. For some reasons:
  1. It would never be really up-to-date
  2. Feurio includes a complete, detailed and updated Online-Help
  3. If you need a particular written documentation, just print some pages from the help files.
Problems with playing .wav files in the track editor ( Soundblaster Live!)
Question: I've got problems with the Track editor. The .wav files are read correctly, but the editor only plays 1/10 of a second. I've got an Creative Labs Soundblaster Live!
Answer: It's a driver error. Just download the latest driver from Creatives website http://support.soundblaster.com/files/download.asp and install them.
Copying Cds with into-each-other fading tracks?
Question: How can I create Cds having tracks linked or fading into each other e.g. for mixes, live-concerts? Can Feurio burn without gaps?
Answer: Yes: Using the direct copy option in the Feurio Cd-Writer, all the gaps of the original cd are copied one by one. If you read the tracks from the manager, read all tracks at once, select "autodetect linked tracks". If that doesn't work, you should try Reading tracks in a row which forces linked tracks. Those tracks are markes with an < in front of the track number, this indikcates two linkes tracks. Feurio will never add a gap between two linked tracks.
By the way, your writer must support Dao to burn linked tracks.
Making CDs with into-each-other fading tracks?
Question: I've got a huge wav-file, I want to burn as several tracks. There shouldn't be a gap between the tracks, the tracks should fade into each other. How does it work?
  1. Copy the file into a project.
  2. Start the trackeditor
  3. Look for the end of the first track, place the cursor, click on "Split track (linked)" (5th icon from the left) or menu "Split track" in "actions"
  4. Repeat these actions for all the other tracks
  5. After this, there is a new tracklist of the project in the window. The tracks are markes as linked tracks by <, there is no gap between those tracks

Your writer must support dao to burn this way.

Problems with the CRC checksum of a MP3 file
Question: Im using Bladeenc to create mp3 files. I've chosen CRC checksum in the encoder options. I can read the waveform image in the editor, but there is no sound. What's wrong?
Answer: The BladeEnc doesn't work properly creating CRC checksum, I already contacted the author. You can see the waveform because Feurio reads this image from an overview file. It contains a reduced image of the mp3 file. The whole mp3 can't be read apart from this image, so it only seems to be completely okay.
Saving the database?
Question: For reinstalling Feurio!, I want to save the databases in order to prevent myself from being forced to enter each Cd again. How can I do this?
Answer: Just copy all the db_xxx.cdb from the Feurio directory into another directory, reinstall Feurio! and copy them back!
Feurio! doesn't find my.wav files any longer
Question: I've bought a new HD, so the drive letters have changed. Now Feurio doesn't seem to find my .wav Files. What can I do?
Answer: Every project saves the path of the files, so the new path might not be in the projects file. Solving the problem:
bulletGet the drive into Feurios list (Menu: "programm", entry "select data paths")
bulletChoose the project, choose project parameters, press control and select the new paths.
Is there a denoiser/declicker in Feurio?
Question: I've made an image of an LP on my HD, how can I denoise this .wav file?
  1. Feurio is quite a powerful tool, but it can't feature everything!
  2. A good Denoiser isn't just a simple piece of software they aren't that expensive for some reasons!
  3. I can't program those things myself and it would cost a lot of money to give someone the order to built one, Feurio would be more expensive. But if someone grants me one as a gift, Id accept...
  4. And: I didn't find any good denoiser / declicker at all, I prefer the old Lp noise than having my old music sound strange.
Why doesn't my Quadspeed (or higher) CDRW work at full speed?
Question: My Writer doesn't reach full speed burning CDRW? WHY?
Answer: You need special CDRW which have the specification for Quadspeed (or higher). Normal CDRW are written at doublespeed!
I've got problems with 80 min CDRs
Question: I want to burn oversize with my writer but it just doesn't work!
Answer: It's not a problem with Feurio! It's a hardware problem. 80 minute CDRs don't fit into the Red Book standard, so they are illegal. Normally, a CD can contain 74 minutes of data, but there istsome additional space in reserve. This space is used to produce a 80 minutes CDr. If there is any tolerance in burning the CDR there will be an error burning the CD. So the manufacturer is even more important and his quality. Some writers don't support those media, because it isn't contained in the red book standard. Just give it a try if your writer supports oversize.
Question: My Player doesn't read oversize media !
Answer: If the quality of the CDr isn't okay due to the lack of tolerance for oversize media, the player just reads clicking and cracking. Feurio doesn't care if the media is oversize, burning is the same. So try out another speed or media.
Why do I get error messages like "can't lock device"
Question: When I start burning a CDr, I get the message "can't lock device". What does it mean?
Answer: This might have several reasons. The drive letter might be wrong, some program tries to access the writer or the writer is e.g. opened in the explorer.
bulletWIN95/98: Deactivate auto-insert-notification
bulletDeactivate Packet-Writing programs or virus scanners which might lock the device.
bulletSolution for packet Cd: Context menu, properties, device, exclude from packet cd. Just disable the writers setting, not the setting of the CDROM or your UDFS can't be read any longer!
Why can't I create MP3 files?
Question: I want to create MP3 files with Feurio, but I can just choose the wave format. Why ?
Answer: You need an mp3 codec to create mp3 files. Normal codecs just can decode mp3 files. You can check your codec by going to program parameters, mp3.settings, Just look out for chosen codec and capabilities. The normal Fraunhofer codec just can decode (Only the professional version can encode).
You can use the Bladeenc as an alternative: Choose program parameters, mp3 settings, creating mp3 files, about bladeenc.
Why doesn't Feurio! have codecs to create / decode MP3 files?
Question: It would be more easy if I didn't have to use external codec for mp3 files. Why doesn't Feurio contain a codec?
Answer: There is a copyright issue on the mp3 format and no "commercial Freeware" is tolerated.
Why doesn't my 32 max CDROM work with full throttle?
Question: I have got a 32 max CDROM, but I just can grab audio data at 15 X speed. Why? can't you optimize Feurio?
  1. All the new CDROM have no constant velocity. They reach their full speed at the outer sectors of a CD. Audio CDs often aren't full, so the CDROM doesn't reach full speed.
  2. The ratio is for Data CDs.
    Audio CDs are much more compliacated to read (cause they have no sectormarks).
    15 x speed is nearly heaven, just some drives get that fast. But at this speed, the quality of the data is often very poor.
Why doesn't my writer support overburning?
Question: I want to overburn a CD, but I always get error messages. can't you correct Feurio ?
Answer: I can't. The firmware of some drives prevent overburning. Every CDR contains the maximum record length, many writers read this data and can't write into "illegal" sectors even if the software wants to. Some are really mean, they make you think that overburning is okay, but they stop after the nominal playtime and deactivate the laser. It is no problem of Feurio! or a driver problem. You need to change the firmware of the writer. But those writers work correct, they don't want to write CDs having "illegal" sectors.
Why doesn't my writer support CD-text?
Question: I want to create a Cd having CD-Text, but I can't. Do I have to download a new driver or a new writer?
Answer: Theoratically, every writer could write cd text but practically they can't!
The Problem: The CD-text data is stored in the R-W subchannels of the leadin. All the writers write the leadin and all the subchannels, but most writers write just zeros into the sr-w-subchannel. The software can't change this.
Every Dao supporting writer could write CD-Text if you can get a firmware update, most manufacturers don't support new firmware for old recorders, some want to some don't. Feurio! can't change the situation.
Why do I get buffer underruns / systems config
Question: Feurio! shouldn't get buffer underruns! Why do I get some? How can I optimize my system?
Answer: There is always the possibility on a Win95/98 system that you can get buffer underruns. But some things can reduce the risk:
bulletInstalling a busmaster driver for all the IDE devices
bulletDeactivating Microsofts FindFast provided with Microsoft Office in the system panel.
bulletActive Disconnect in the system-control-panel for the cd-writers/cd-roms
What about the CPUs usage while reading / burning a CD ?
Question: Why is the CPU usage that high during burning / reading. It just has to be some per cent, doesn't it?
Answer: There might be some reasons:
bulletIDE devices without busmaster drivers.
Windows uses all IDE devices in the programmed i/o mode (PIO) which involves the CPU active. This takes a lot of time and usage. You have to activate a busmaster driver.
Where can I get a busmaster driver?
Normally, it should be shipped with your system or your drive. If you don't own own, try to download it from the support page of your mainboard manufacturer, or try to get a generic busmaster driver at http://www.bmdrivers.com
Windows 95 Users: Be careful!
After installing the busmaster driver for Win 95, the DMA mode isn't always activated. You have to check out the box your CDROMs in the system panel and activate the DMA box. If you don't see any, DMA doesn't work or isn't properly installed. Some old devices don't work with DMA, pleases deactivate if errors occur.
bulletBurning mp3 files which are compressed must be decompressed while burning. This decoding takes a lot of time.
Using CDRWs
Question: Is it possible to use CD-RWs?
Answer: Yes. You can use those media like a normal CDR media, if your writer supports CDRW.
You can erase the CDRW in the menu extras.
Be careful: A lot of old audio players or CDROMs can't read CDRW discs.
Disc-at-Once / Track-at-Once:
Question: Where can I select between TAO and DAO?
Answer: Feurio is just burning in the DAO mode to create perfekt audio cds. Only if the writer doesn't support DAO, the writer records with TAO.
Copying data files / creating data files
Question: Can I copy/create ISO 9660 data CDs with Feurio!
Answer: Feurio is made up for audio Cds. Feurio would be more expensive and it takes a lot of time and manpower to create the support for data discs. The Feurio Professional version provides the possibility to burn nero images and to copy iso-cds in order to record on many devices at once.
Recorders buffer monitoring:
Question: While simulating, I see the recorder buffer. Why not during burning?
Answer: You need more commands and CPU usage to get the information from the writer. This might cause an buffer underrun, but if you want to, you can activate the bar in the parameters dialogue.
Cutting silence in the middle of the track
Question: On one of my CDs, there is a gap of 5 minutes silence after the last track and then a bonustrack. How can I cut out the silence?
Answer: You can do this by making a little trick. Just make 3 tracks from the regular track, set fade out and fade-in and delete the middle, silenece track. See the linked-tracks section for furthermore instructions
Direct copy of a CD:
Question: I Want to copy a whole Cd.
Answer: Just go to program -> Cd Copy
Buffersize of a Yamaha CDR 200, 400, 2260, 4260, 2261, 4261,2216, 4216, 4416 / Plexwriter:
Question: The size of my writers buffer should be 2 MB, why does Feurio just support a fracture?
Answer: The answer of the Yamaha support was:"The size of the dDRAM is 2 MB however the area for the host is 500 blocks. For instance, in case of Mode 1 data (2048 bytes per block) the buffer area for the host is 2048x500 byte. In case auf audio-data (2352 bytes per block), the buffer area for the host is 2352x500 byte (1,176 MB)."
The audio level playing a *.wav file is different from the CDs level!
Question: The level of a CD played in the CDROM is different from the same wav-file on the HD. Why ?
Answer: If you play an audio cd with your CDROM, the CDROM converts the digital music into analog voltage, the converted data goes to the soundcard. If you play a .wav file, the audiodata is converted by the soundcard into analog data. Because the converters of both soundcard and CDROM are different, the sound in a different quality and volume. But most soundcards also provide a mixer which can have different volume settings for CDROM and wav files. Look at the manual of your soundcard. Both volumes must be at the same level to achieve the same output.

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